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The man behind the microphones

Dr. Eric Fassbender has conducted studies on the effect of music on learning in virtual environments. Through these studies he also became interested in the effect of nature sounds on the listener. When he went on hiking trips into the Australian outback, mountains and bushland he experienced the calming effect that the nature sounds had on his mind, soul and body. Soon after, he started recording these sounds so he could take them back home and listen to them whenever he needed to recharge his batteries.
Australian Nature Sounds - Eric Fassbender recording


Today’s world is far too busy and our thoughts are constantly interrupted by things that ‘need’ to be done urgently and right now. Because of this rapid-fire succession of tasks, our mind does not have the opportunity anymore to focus on one thought and explore it in all its depth. The stream of interruptions is just constant and there is hardly an escape from the telephone, doorbell, text-messages, website updates and emails. Furthermore, the world has become so congested that even in our spare time there is no possibility to escape the noises that pervade our world. Just ask yourself, when was the last time that you heard the pure and uninterrupted sounds of nature for more than ten minutes?

I believe that constant interruptions are one of the reasons why we do not get an opportunity to find out what it is that we want in our lives. Every time we think about what the meaning of our life is, we are being interrupted in our thoughts and society offers us many alternatives of what we can do with our lives. The biggest culprit is advertising that creeps into every little niche of our daily lives and tells us what it is that we need in order to be happy. However, the supposed happiness that comes from the products that are being offered to us is an exterior projection of happiness on our very diverse and individual inner self. It is somebody else’s dream of what life should be about. And because it is somebody else’s projection of meaning, in most cases it does not resonate for very long with our own identity and who we are and which role we aim to take in society. Thus, the feeling of happiness and fulfilment - meaning - is not permanent. We quickly get bored and think our desire for completeness will be fulfilled when we buy more of the things that the advertising industry has on offer. However, this is only true if the products we buy help us to develop our own identity and find our own dream. Going to a mountain retreat costs money, but it serves a purpose. It helps people to disconnect from the projections of the outside world and hear that inner voice again.
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During my research I have found many examples for the healing power of ambient nature sounds and music, which is the reason why I began to search for those pockets of nature where there are no man-made or human-related sounds (aircrafts, chainsaws, barking dogs, etc.). Usually these locations can only be reached by foot, a couple of hours away from the last outposts of civilisation. I enjoy going even beyond those points as the experience is just so much more intense if I only hear and smell the sounds and scents of nature. However, not everyone has the ability to go to these quiet places and this is the reason why I share my recordings with you - to give those who live in locations where they cannot find a quiet place to think, an opportunity to shut off the distractions and find their very own dream.

Australian Nature Sounds

Authentic nature sounds are a great way to reduce outside distractions and help the mind to focus on a given task and this Website offers my recordings to you, so that you too may experience the calming effect of pure and energising nature sounds. The sounds will hopefully assist you in disconnecting from a busy world, help you to listen to your inner voice and by being able to listen to your inner voice, find what it is that you really want in your life.

Australian Nature Sounds - Embrace the world
Yes, my recordings and music are for sale, however, I’m not saying that they alone will make you happy. I’m saying that listening to these tracks may help you to retreat to a quiet place where you can listen to your inner voice. They are tools that will hopefully help you on the way to finding your dream.

Another problem we experience these days is that we don’t seem to be able to distinguish between need, want and greed anymore. Need is what we really require in our daily lives, food, drinks, sleep, clothes and so forth. Want are those things that make our life just that little bit more enjoyable, like the coffee in the afternoon with a friend or the new album of one of our favourite artists. However, greed are those things that we do not really need and that do not add much to our feeling of wellbeing, they are unnecessary, like for example the fifteenth pair of shoes or yet another chocolate bar when we already had one in the morning. Unfortunately, with the oversupply of goods and falling prices in advanced societies, greed has become pre-dominant and we don’t buy something because we need or want it, but simply because we can afford it. Whether it contributes to our life or not has become secondary. With the recordings and songs on this website I invite you to slow down and listen to your inner voice. Think about what the things are that you really need and what it is that you really want to do with your lives.

I hope you enjoy the sounds and songs from the Australian bush, the rain forests, deserts and beaches as much as I do.

Don’t give up and don’t give in, the answer lies within.

Eric Fassbender, Ph.D.

Note that you will best experience the soothing and (hopefully) dream inspiring nature sounds and music with high quality headphones.